Our businesses

The company is divided into four mains business units in order to serve our partners with a maximum of proximity.

Valmo Building

Building a place to be in security is one of the first need of human and animals. Buildings are protecting us from hard weather and from all dangers coming from outside. We help you in this way by offering a lot of services to develop and manage your buildings in the best way.

Valmo Technology

Since centuries the technology helps people to go further, faster ans safer. Thinking to new technologies is a human reflex like breathing. The world digitization accelerate the development of new products and services. We take part of this movement by developing and managing digital portals.  

Valmo Supply

You can even have the best products in the word if you cannot deliver it to your customers his value is zero. We take care of finding, negotiating and buying products all around the world and to deliver it to the right customer at the right time.

Valmo Invest

The best way to develop our society is to create added value even with the smallest input you may have. We creates more value by choosing the best strategy for each investment.